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Teacher or student, professional or hobbyist, thinker or tinkerer, businessman or worker, career woman or housewife, if you have a knack for improving things, ideas to make things better and a mind to create or do things that has not been done yet, come, join us and let’s reach for the “unreachable”! We promise no moon, nor star, but together, we can take off and get somewhere. If, indeed, we do not get a star, at least we’d all have had a grand time trying. And that’s a promise!


The Filipino Inventors Society is one of the oldest non-profit, non-government organization that has now become a prestigious institution. Founded by our pioneers during World War II in 1943, this Society of savants, scientists, researchers, technologists, innovators and engineers has but one fixed purpose: to reach up! And one inflexible goal: the “unreachable” star! A dream? All achievements and accom-plishments start off as a dream. Like all inventions begin as an idea.


Notice the quote marks on “unreachable”? That’s because we don’t take that word seriously. We actually spend a lot of time trying to reach for one! And our feet don’t’ even leave the ground! The motto of the Filipino Inventors Society is: “There’s a better way—find it!”. And where we do not find a way, we make one! How? If you don’t know the answer, you’re not an inventor. That’s what makes our organization different. We invent. But we don’t talk too much about it. That’s why people know little about us. But they should. No country in the world is great who did not know their inventors! It’s an absolutely irrefutable historical fact.


Today, we have grown in membership of only a few hundreds because true inventors are really a rare breed. And because most people think we’re a bunch of crack pots. What people don’t realize is that we are just as regular as any Tom, Dick and Harry. Some of us are just plain and ordinary Pepe, Popoy and Pilo who share the same dreams and aspirations for the common good and for the country. That’s a good start to eventually become an inventor. Inventiveness, like creativeness is very basic and contagious.


If you want to be “infected”, give us a call. There are many benefits and advantages a member can derive from this organization. Did you know that FIS is the only non-government entity institutionalized in Republic Act 7459, otherwise known as the Inventors and Invention Incentives Act of the Philippines? Did you also know that there is a Presidential Proclamation declaring a National Inventors Week and celebrated yearly? Join us and enjoy special privileges shared only by the elite of our citizenry! The following are some of these benefits:


·         Legal Tax Holidays (exemption from all government taxes)

·         Patenting & Intellectual Property Rights protection

·         Prototyping, technical and entrepreneurial assistance

·         Financial and prestige awards

·         Expository and marketing assistance



A whole new world of inventors and inventions awaits you.
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Want to be an Inventor?

To begin with, a need must exist that is almost always related or synonymous to a problem.  Thus, a need is a problem per se to address and be solved.  Having identified a particular need, the process of inventing starts to roll.  Remember: “Genius is 99% perspiration and only 1% inspiration”, Thomas Alva Edison claimed, to whom 80% of the world’s inventions are credited.  Instant success is a miracle.  “Blood, sweat and tears” are almost always part of the inventing.  And almost always, the process takes longer than expected or hoped for.

Generating an idea is a necessary effort and/or action by which every step must be defined.  A road map has to be established.  What 0particular step with what material, tool, method to use?  The idea being generated must be focused on the need like a telescopic gun sight aimed at a target.

Focused, an inventor could be awakened deep in the night and could be sleepless till the wee hours of the morning haunted by flickers of ideas.  It could occur in the bathroom or while having a meal.  Like tormenting phantoms, ideas creep in and out of the mind in different shades and varying degrees of luminosity---the brightness usually more revealing and denoting closeness to the desired effect or solution.  It knows no limits or boundaries.  No, neither political ideologies.  It recognizes no social status and respects no privacy but always deals with the individual on a one-on-one basis.  This is easy with an inventor who is usually alone with himself even in the din and cacophony of a rousing party or a rush-hour crowd.  That’s the way inventors earn for themselves the absent-minded weirdo label.  They have even been known to talk to themselves. This is generally frowned at and considered strange or abnormal---by people who do not understand. Talking to one’s self is healthy.  Mentally, that is.  For who else can understand and agree with us better?  Although the system usually develops to a habit, the habit remains a good system.  For solving problems and remembering things for one or two reasons.  However, it is advisable not to do this too openly in order to avoid being mistaken for a looney with an invisible friend.  

Edison (as the world fondly refers to him especially when the light bulb is subject of admiration, usually forgetting that he has a thousand other patents to his name) also said that the only reason for the existence of the body is to carry the brain around.  And the skull over the brain is constantly under bombardment by 14 pounds per square inch of atmospheric pressure just as everything else on the surface of planet earth.  But we don’t see or feel it.  

The indomitable American Industrialist Henry Ford says that ideas are like that.  They are all-over the place and keep knocking us on the head but we are unaware until, once in a while, one or two are able to penetrate the enveloping bone mass called the cranium and jolt us to cognizance.

A perfect classic exam-ple of this phenomenon oc-curred one time while Ford was having lunch with a couple of his close friends Norman Vincent Peale and William J. Cameron when suddenly, without warn-ing, Ford jumped up from his seat as if he had been struck on the head and muttered: “Ah-h!  Why did I not think about that!” veered around and walked away toward his workshop without excusing himself. Cameron told the perplexed Peale, “There he goes again!  He always does that whenever an idea strikes him and takes over his mind.  We may not see him again for a whole week.”

Notice how Ford quickly went right on to do something about his idea.  No time is wasted.  He didn’t hallucinate either.  Ford didn’t drink alcohol nor take drugs.  It takes a clean life to think clearly and live productively.  Such is an honest-to-goodness inventor.

So, if you’re serious about your aspiration, prepare for the surge of that inspiration: arm yourself with ready pencil and paper wherever you go. Jot down whatever hits you. You never know when the right time comes. Be ready whenever an idea teases your mind. Stay sober and clear headed.  Make notes of anything that comes. Never trust your memory bank—oftentimes it’s troublesome to withdraw your deposits from there.  Unless you have an extraordinary power of recollection.  Never trust alcohol either.  Some believe and like to think that drinking their favorite alcoholic beverage helps them think better. They prefer to entertain the notion that alcohol intake actually makes their brains function better.  This “belief” is really only an excuse to justify their self-indulgent habit or addiction.  Otherwise, it is a self-deceiving fantasy or mind-conditioning that in fact hinders normal productivity.  The greater danger is the fact that alcohol intake promotes an almost irrepressible dependence and serves only as a phantom crutch without which a person who has developed an uncontrollable liking and tendency towards habitual drinking contracts a psychological inability to work or function “normally” in the desirable level without “quenching” his artificial thirst.

While it is true that alcohol is needed by the brain to function (among other chemicals), this need is naturally supplied by the body and the need to supplement is a falsity favoring farce. Alcoholic drinks are addictive intoxicants that serve only to cloud the mind rather than clear it because any amount of alcohol that is introduced to the brain outside of that which is chemically produced by the body itself, is excess and anything in excess is poison.

At the end of the day, before going to bed, collect your notes and make a formal record of the daily ideas, sort and evaluate them.  Trash the crazy ones.  Keep the practical, logical, sober, potentially good and workable ones.  Chances are, one or two will jive together and form the solution to your problem.  Or an entirely new invention altogether.  Dr. Jose P. Rizal (himself a prolific inventor) wrote: ”My mind travels on the wings of fantasy in the regions of the unknown!”.  Having no doubt that our National Hero is not an alcoholic, we can be sure that that beautiful line springs from a clear mind, dreamy as it may be.

This is altogether a more profitable form of relaxation than nightly carousing with the “barkada” in a beer garden the way most people delude themselves into believing it’s the “well-deserved reward of the hardworking Filipino”.  Ironically, the non-working unfortunates are even more prone to this physically, morally and economically destructive ritual so prevalent, it is socially accepted as a norm in all strata of society.  They forget that decadence is synonymous with decay.

We should remember that spirited ideas get dissolved in spirited company.  Good ideas are nurtured in tranquility.

One idea is not enough.  Normally, several ideas could taunt the mind.  A viable, veritable invention is composed of a conglomeration of many ideas and solutions.  Always be ready to respond.  That’s how inventions are born and nurtured.  Same way with inventors.  If you’re serious.  



Outstanding Members


The active membership of the Society spiraled to 100 and gradually to over  400 stout-hearted men and women who intimately shared the same aspirations and  common goal: the upliftment  of the neglected, ignored, unrecognized and virtually unknown Filipino inventor.  Nationwide, there are about 3000 patent holders and intellectual property exponents in one way or another and FIS is constantly trying to reach out to them in the belief that they all share the same rights and protection under Republic Act No. 8293 and the same honor and privileges Republic Act No. 7459, and because in harmony of union, there is nurturing of strength.

Today, though the leadership is buffeted by inter-political power struggle, flak and hostility from many sides, mostly out of ignorance and indifference, the thrust of organization’s ideals and the momentum of its noble programs and projects lurch on with even greater dynamism and resolve.  Neither hail nor hassle shall dampen the  drive of the devoted professional men and women at the helm of ship of the country’s singular greatest natural resource---the Filipino inventors whose intellectual property and God-given talents are the hope of the nation to emerge from this quagmire of stagnancy and be lifted to join the global village of supreme nations!


MAGGIE VILLARUZ, her invention of an agricultural implement dubbed as “turtle” or “floating tiller” was popularized by the International Rice Research Institute, Los Baños Laguna. Another print issue of Philippine postage stamp commemorated the invention and honored the inventor during the celebration of the golden foundation anniversary (50th year) of the Filipino Inventors Society in 1993.





Invented the Sing-Along System (SAS) which he has been toying with even before the Japanese and Taiwanese could produce the versions of their own. Today, this system is popularly known as the “Karaoke”.  Also his was the original one-man-band (OMB), an electronic piano with built-in tones of various musical instruments




A prolific mechanical engineer having a strong background in industrial electronics, patented, among his many other remarkable designs and inventions, a computer logic circuit in the early sixties.  Were it not for lack of financial backing, he would have been able to develop it to be first Filipino computer very much ahead of American Bill Gates and others.




DR. FE DEL MUNDO, for her baby incubator.


Inventor MA. CARLITA REX-DORAN was first to convert liquid alcohol into solidified cooking fuel called “Siroca Solid Alco Fuel” for which she won National Inventors Week major awards in the chemical category.

Inventor ERLINDA CASTRO SANQUI - WOMAN INVENTOR OF THE YEAR 1990 DOST Annual Technology Fair and National Inventors Week. Inventions: Fruit Cake Filipina and Rita Ritz Pito-Pito Herbal Tea.

Inventor MARGARITA CENTENO - World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) GOLD MEDALIST YOUNG INVENTOR OF THE YEAR. Invention: “MARWOOD” transformation of waste materials


Inventor ARMENGOL G. DATOR - Twice NIW AWARDEE FOR INVENTION EXCELLENCE Inventions: cardiac rehabilitation machine, street sweeping device, “Bunot” (floor polisher) exerciser, and a police nightstick.


DR. JUAN SALCEDO, for his tiki-tiki out of rice bran.


DR. ARGUELLES, for his invention of an anti-biotic called  “Eloson





His Super Baby Oven LPGas fired, convection type and the Capule Rotary Oven have revolutionized the baking industry of the Philippines by promoting modern scientific baking businesses using minimal space and capital outlay. Ubiquitous Hot Pandesal booths mushroomed at almost every street corner in towns and cities all over the country.  Simplicio is survived by his son Eduardo, who took up the cudgels for productive inventing.




Self-educated, highly prolific savant laureate-genius proclaimed “godfather” of Filipino inventors. Expertise: mechanical and electrical engineering, agricultural, industrial and medical equipment designing, as well as electronics and acoustics sciences. Founder of Anos Research, current producer of “Penetrator” Firetrucks by his enterprising heirs.





Served as National President of   the Filipino Inventors Society, Inc. (FIS) for nine (9) solid years resulting in the passage of Republic Act No. 7459 known as the Inventors and Invention Incentives Act of the Philippines which he “fathered” by principally lobbying for its passage. Also accredited to his efforts is the issuance of Presidential Proclamation No. 285 calling for the official celebration of National Inventors Week. His inventions dealing in agriculture and construction, he now Chairs the Board of Directors and Heads the Organizational Affairs Bureau.




Served as Chairman and President and   now National Director of FIS. Co-Holder of UM Patent No. 2-2005-000145 for a unique “Ambidex” Tablet  School  Chair.  Also Served as Special Adviser and Director General during his 9-year office as Representative of the 2nd District of Quezon City. He was instrumental in obtaining the congressional release of P30M funding for the construction of the Philippine Invention Development Center beside TAPI in the compound of the Department of Science and Technology.





Founder of Rainier Research & Development Institute, former President & current Chairman, Chamber of Herbal Industries of the Philippines, Inc., former National Vice-President of the Filipino Inventors Society, Inc., recipient of multiple International Awards for Herbal Cosmetic Formulations, his Lauat Anti-Falling Hair Treatment Shampoo and Anti-Dandruff Cream won in the 27th Salon International des Invention, Geneva, Switzerland and a Silver Medal award sponsored by I-tex 2000 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for his invention “Portable Lifter” for invalids.



The active membership of the Society spiraled to 100 and gradually to over 400 stout-hearted men and women who intimately shared the same aspirations and common goal: the upliftment of the neglected, ignored, unrecognized and virtually unknown Filipino inventor.  Nationwide, there are about 3000 to 4000 patent holders and intellectual property exponents in one way or another.  FIS is constantly trying to reach out to all of them in the belief that they all share the same rights, privileges and protection under Republic Acts 8293 and 7459 and that in harmony of union, there is nurturing of strength.

Today, though the leadership is buffeted by inter-political power struggle, flak and hostility from many sides, mostly out of ignorance and indifference, the thrust of the organization’s ideals and momentum of its noble programs and projects lurch on with even greater dynamism and resolve.  Neither hail nor hassle shall dampen the drive of the devoted professional men and women at the helm of the country’s singular greatest natural resource---the Filipino inventors whose intellectual property and God-given talents are the hope of the nation to emerge from this quagmire of stagnancy and be lifted to join the global village of prosperous nations!






The man and his field of dreams

Bonifacio Isidro

Inventor of Agad Thresher and Mini-Agad Thresher and his awards in his new house at C&B compound in Maginao, Bulacan. He passed on mid-year 2008 but his bloomfield is carried on by his energetic siblings.



Cosmic cosmetology



Dr. Rorlando B. Hortaleza MD

Founder of SPLASH and HBC Corporations: Gigantic Global Herbal Cosmetics Industry now worth billions and still growing. He is Chairman Emeritus of the Filipino Inventors Society and is reputed to be one the youngest and most successful technopreneurs in the country.




The fire that’s still good


Inventor Enrique L. Laguinia

For over 50 years to the present, Inventor Enrique L. Laguinia has been supplying the country with his low-cost, low-maintenance and low-risk GOODFIRE cooking stoves.



The Amazing Touch of Glory



Inventor Rolando C. dela Cruz

Reaps awards in VII Moscow International Salon of Industrial Property “Archimedes 2004” held in Culture Exhibition Centre “Sokolniki”, Moscow, Russia, April 02, 2004. These were followed by more awards from Germany and the UN-World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and from the Department of Science and Technology in later years.



The Former FIS National President



Invr. Francisco Oral Pagayon

Here is a national campaign poster of Invr. Francisco Oral Pagayon opposing primitive and hazardous highway pavement palay drying responsible for the perennial 15-billion-peso wastage in staple cereal production.  Invr. Pagayon is even more known for his Police Alternative Technical Weapon PROBATON for peace and order use now proliferating the country.



Explorer and Diventurer.


Invr. Glenn T. Castillo

One of the youngest and most prolific, Invr. Glenn T. Castillo is advocate of the miniature under-the-hood hydrogen power reactor for safer tankless supply of water fuel on the feed-to-need basis. Exponent of other inventions on fuel expansion for conservation, super organic fertilizer, ultra health care, alternative medicine, instant solid waste management and seawater desalination.    

World Recognized Inventor/Technologist



Member of the FIS and FISPC Board of Directors




INVR. GRACE G. GUPANA of ABS Herbs International, holder of 7 Guiness World Book of Records, numerous awards and international recognition, and 16 Patents.

INVR. ADLERMA “Dinky” A. HEMENTERA of Plantex Safe Organic Cleaning Solutions, the 1st and only one certified by Green Choice, Philippines, and awarded as the Best Multi-Purpose Liquid Disinfectant Solution by the Consumers Choice and Dangal ng Pilipinas, passing the standards set by Gold Brands Council of the Philippines.

of Anos Research & Manufacturing, maker of Penetrator, Patriot and 3-in-One Rescue/Ambulance Firetrucks.

INVR. FELISA P. VELONZA of ETTA’S International Cosmetics, beauty specialist recipient of awards from various distinguished institutes and organizations such as Most Outstanding Inventor (Cosmetic Category) in the National Inventors Expo in Geneva, Switzerland in 1989.

of RITA RITZ Bake House and Food Products, multiple International Awardee including UN-WIPO “Woman Inventor of Year 1990” Gold Medal.

INVR./DR. EDINELDA O. CALVARIO exponent of EC27 Botanicare Guava Soap.

of AhCil Laboratories, Inc., maker of ANTICA Non-Toxic Organic Pesticides and Fungicides, Tingub, Mandaue City, Cebu.

INVR. MA. SUZANNE “Apple” A. MORALES proponent of AM SOYAMI FOOD PRODUCTS & MARKETING and dedicated advocate of Soy Beans for various enticingly delicious health food recipes to help counter malnutrition and green food starvation most prevalent among junk food lovers of affluent countries.





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